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Nova Ristorante

2272 Lawrence Ave. East
(416) 751-1200

Tucked beside the popular Pizza Nova lies Nova Ristorante – a casual-dining restaurant bringing its twist to traditional Italian cuisine. Since opening in 1963, Nova Ristorante has made its mark in the community as one of the first Italian restaurants to open in Scarborough. Not only does the menu offer plenty of delicious classic dishes like spaghetti and chicken parmigiana, but there’s a great selection unique to Nova that will allow its diners to experience new and immersive flavours.

Chef Luciano Schipano has been the Executive Chef at Nova Ristorante for over 6 years now, keeping both freshness and the authenticity of flavours at the forefront of its menu. With both his professional experience in the industry and personal travel endeavors, Schipano has been influential in providing an upscale touch to the restaurant’s dishes. Nova Ristorante has even curated seasonal menus to ensure fresh local ingredients can be used to elevate their dishes.

The atmosphere at Nova has a beautiful ambience, with modern décor and dim lighting that helps amplify the space. Without breaking the bank or the need to travel to the city core, diners can visit a local spot within the Kennedy Road community to enjoy a delicious meal with quality ingredients.

For appetizers, Nova Ristorante offers fan-seafood favourites like Calamari and Pepata Mussels. The calamari are lightly breaded and fried to perfection, served with a creamy aioli dip. The pepata mussels are sautéed in a white wine and garlic tomato sauce reduction (goes great with a side of garlic bread!). These appetizers pair perfectly with a glass of wine or cold beverage as spring and summer approach.

The entrée dishes are all well-prepared and presented beautifully. A comforting favourite: the Risotta alla Zucca. This creamy rice dish has a nice earthy flavour from the wild porcini mushrooms and local Ontario squash – a true contest to a traditional Italian rice dish that takes both technique and experience to truly master!

The Penne a la Vodka is the perfect medium for those who can’t decide between a tomato or cream sauce – after all they’re both delicious! The rosé sauce (comprised of tomato sauce, cheese, and heavy cream) gives a rich and bold flavour making this pasta dish extra hearty.

For a traditional Italian dish, the Veal and Chicken Parmigiana are breaded, topped with mozzarella, oven-baked, and then tossed with tomato sauce and spaghetti. You can’t go wrong with a side of Caesar salad, in-house croutons, and fresh Parmigiano.

Lastly, the Chicken a la Nova is like Sunday night dinner but better. This home-cooked inspired meal features grilled chicken breast, roasted potatoes, fresh vegetables, and a mushroom cream sauce.

The portions at Nova Ristorante are large, making it the perfect spot to order and try a few different dishes with a group (the meatballs are a definite crowd-pleaser). 

Next time you’re deciding where to dine out consider Nova Ristorante as your stop for all occasions; whether its date night, a birthday, anniversary, or just an evening catching up with friends and family. Plus, they even have a summer patio for all its customers to enjoy the outdoors and warm weather!

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