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Mexico Lindo

1352 Kennedy Road
(416) 671-9192

Kennedy Road has gained yet another staple restaurant that will not disappoint all the foodies out there! Newly opened, Mexico Lindo prides in serving authentic Mexican cuisine. With over 20 years in the restaurant service industry, Chef Jesus Corona, owner of Mexico Lindo, has opened several locations across the GTA in the past decade allowing for customers across the city to get a taste of delicious Mexican food.

Head Chef – Jesus Corona

This family-run restaurant serves up traditional Mexican dishes that give an authentic homemade feel as if you were dining at a friend’s home. That’s exactly the atmosphere Chef Corona delivers to those that choose to dine at his restaurant – a place that feels comfortable and “at home”.

The vibe at Mexico Lindo is casual with several dining tables and lots of beautiful Mexican décor. Each wall is filled with colourful unique pieces and souvenirs that are representative of the country and its heritage roots. The Spanish music playing throughout the restaurant brings a lively feel and provides a pleasant touch to the overall dining experience.

At Mexico Lindo, everything is prepared daily on site by the owner himself, with fresh ingredients and quality Halal meats that are never frozen. From the rice, refried beans, salsas, tortilla chips, and more, don’t expect anything less at this hot Mexican spot.

There are several options for customers dining in depending on your appetite level. For starters, you’re greeted with salsa and tortilla chips on-the-house! If you’re looking to share a few bites with others, the menu offers some delicious options such as Molletes Cancun (baked wheat bread with refried beans, melted cheese, garnished with Pico de Gallo and sour cream), Camarones (Spanish shrimps), Mexican Bruschetta, and of course nachos!

They also provide a touch of Salvadorian cuisine with traditional offerings such as pupusas and tamales. We ordered the cheese and chicharron (shredded seasoned pork) pupusas which are essentially a thick version of a tortilla made with cornmeal and stuffed with a choice of ingredients. These are served hot off the grill with a cabbage vinegar slaw and a tomato-based sauce.

The combos and main entrees all come with rice, salad and refried beans with generous portions all around. The entrée menu is broken down into a few different categories: Tortillas, Soups and Salads, Fajitas, and Mexico Lindo Favourites. The Tortillas section includes oven-baked burritos, enchiladas, flautas (crunchy chicken tacos topped with lettuce), soft corn tortilla tacos, chimichangas (crispy golden burrito), quesadillas, and enchiladas suizas (standard enchiladas elevated with a green tomatillo sauce, cheese and sour cream). 

The tacos (with a choice of beef, chicken, chorizo, vegetables or beans) are doubled up with tortillas giving the option for either two very filled tacos or four smaller ones. The plancha-grilled beef was very tender and tossed with sautéed onions. The added shredded cheese made these beef tacos extra special!

Next up is one of the Mexico Lindo favourites: Pollo con Mole. This traditional Mexican dish features a chicken breast marinated in a mole poblano sauce. This chocolate-based sauce typically used in Mexican cuisine is made with over 40 ingredients, giving it a rich and bold flavour. Accompanied with the sides, this dish truly felt like an authentic homecooked Mexican meal!

As for dessert, the Tres Leches cake is a Mexican classic – a light sponge cake, soaked in 3 kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. It’s all you need to end your meal on a sweet note.

Mexico Lindo is the perfect spot for the whole family to dine at, with quick and friendly service and flavourful Mexican dishes. They even have a kid’s menu featuring mini burritos and tacquitos! We promise this restaurant will soon become a new family favourite.

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