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Floga by Mr. Greek

1957 Kennedy Road
(416) 335-9600

Floga by Mr. Greek is one of the latest to elevate the restaurant space on Kennedy Road – but it’s no new kid on the block. Floga comes to us after decades of Greek cuisine brought on by George Raios and the Mr. Greek franchise, first established in 1988. Flashforward 30 years later, Floga by Mr. Greek aims to showcase the more traditional side of Greek cuisine that often goes missed. Described as ‘a refined expression of rustic Greek recipes’, we’re here to show you exactly why Floga by Mr. Greek is the place to check out.

Upon arrival, diners are greeted by friendly hosts that truly set the mark for what’s to be a memorable dining experience. From the open-style kitchen that features a fresh fish market where customers can select their choice of fish, to the smell of bread being baked in the oven, Floga captures the true authenticity of Greek cuisine.

Floga’s interior strikes the fine balance between traditional and modern style with its rustic décor elements, exposed wooden beams, and blue Greek accents. The main dining area is beautifully lit with stylish light fixtures, followed by a spacious bar with blue light hues giving a warm and welcoming ambiance to the Mediterranean-inspired restaurant.

The menu features an array of mezedes (appetizers) such as Kalamari, Garlic Shrimp Paros, Mediterranean Spinach & Cheese Dip, Octapodi Skaras (fire-grilled octopus drizzled with EVOO and served with fresh, juicy grilled lemon), Dolmades (grape leaves stuffed with lean ground beef, rice and herbs), and of course Saganaki. As our first-time in an authentic Greek restaurant we opted for the Saganaki (pan seared Kefalograviera cheese) which was flambeed table-side with an ‘opa!’ to seal the deal. Served with warm pitas (in either white or whole wheat), this beloved fried cheese literally brings the Floga (‘flame’ in Greek) to your dining experience.

As for the entrees, we could not turn down the classic chicken souvlaki dishes (served with their Signature Greek salad, choice of two sides, tzatziki and garlic bread). We loved that there was more than just your typical rice and potatoes as a choice of side, but rather more traditional options such as Fasolakia (green beans baked in fresh tomato with olive oil and fresh herbs), Horta (steamed wild greens, drizzled with fresh lemon and olive oil), roasted seasonal vegetables and fresh cut fries. We tried the Fasolakia, roasted seasonal vegetables, Mr. Greek rice, and the fresh cut fries. Service was quick, and everything on our entrees was extremely flavourful – from the juicy marinated chicken breast, to the tender, tomato-braised green beans and delicious homemade tzatziki, it was all prepared to a solid 10/10.

Some of the Greek specialties on Floga’s menu include: Lamb ‘Arnaki’ Fournou (slow roasted lamb shank), Kokkinisto (braised beef cooked in herb tomato sauce), and Yiayia’s Moussaka (layers of baked eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, fresh herbs, lean ground beef and creamy béchamel sauce). These specialties are reminiscent of a home-cooked meal, made with lots of care and taste! There is no doubt that one of these special dishes is next on our list.

With specialty cocktails such as Athena’s Kiss (Bacardi Limon, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, and sprite), martinis with Greek-inspired names such as Blue Delfini and The Olympic, and an extensive list of imported Greek wines, Floga offers just what you need for a fun night out. Best of all, stay tuned for music events featuring live Greek entertainment!

Overall: Floga provides a relaxed, yet lively atmosphere that is perfect for gatherings and special dates. You’ll be met with quality dishes that are incomparable to any other Greek food in the city. We believe Floga by Mr. Greek is carving the path for diners alike who not only want a delicious meal, but an environment that has great ambiance, something unique to offer, and reputable customer service.

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