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Elite Bakery

The holidays come and go quicker than we ever plan them to. While this busy time of year brings lots of quality time with loved ones, it also makes us extra appreciative of all the sweets that are around. There is no doubt that passing up ‘one’ more goodie is the last thing we want to do. After all, it’s the holidays and many of us see this as the perfect time to indulge and take advantage of all the awesome treats shops have to offer.

Our top choice? Elite Bakery (1961 Kennedy Road).

With over 20 years in the industry, Elite Bakery has established itself as a go-to shop for many loyal customers in the Scarborough community. Located right at Progress Ave and Kennedy Road, Elite Bakery offers a mix of Greek and Middle Eastern pastries, include a large selection of fresh cakes, cheeses, and imported goods (jams, drinks, olives, etc.)

With the New Year approaching we were lucky enough to find fresh Vasilopita available, also known as New Year’s bread ($11). This sweet Greek bread is traditionally cut at midnight on New Year’s Eve where a special coin is hidden inside of it. The person who ends up receiving the coin is supposed to have good luck in the New Year!

If you’re heading to a New Year’s Eve party or simply hosting a small get-together, one of these loaves is the perfect way to ring in the New Year for you and your guests. Plus, we could all use some extra luck in 2018!

There are also many varieties of baklava (sold by the kg) and we weren’t going to leave without trying some! This phyllo pastry is everything we imagined it to be – flaky, rich, sweet, and layer upon layer of sticky honey goodness. Elite Bakery has large and small sizes of the dessert with various flavours to accommodate your tastes including chopped pistachio, walnut and coconut.

Asides from its large variety of delicious desserts, they also serve as a Greek grocery with a generous selection of products. Trust us, this shop holds more than meets the eye!

Elite Bakery is a hidden gem with great finds, reasonable prices, high quality goods and amazing customer service. The owner himself, Ayman, and his staff made our first experience at the bakery a pleasant one, offering to answer any questions we had. A small shop with a big heart, this is the place to get all your Greek goodies.

So if you’re looking to get some holiday treats in before the New Year look no further. They are open daily – even on New Year’s Day!

Elite Bakery also specializes in custom cake requests for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, parties and more! Give them a call at 416-754-7857 for store hours or to place an order for an upcoming occasion. We promise it’s worth the visit.

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