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Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken aims to liven your weekday lunches and family dinners with their tasty fried chicken.

2290 Lawrence Ave East

What can possibly be better than a bucket of fried chicken? On June 6, Church’s Chicken opened yet another location in the GTA, and this time it’s much closer to home. Located right at Lawrence Ave and Kennedy Road, Church’s Chicken is now the go-to spot for some seriously good fried chicken, among other mouth-watering foods. So, whether you’ve got a major fried chicken craving, or need some southern comfort food without having to head down south, Church’s Chicken awaits.

For over 65 years, Church’s Chicken has built their brand around the world. Originally founded in San Antonio, Texas in the 1950s by George W. Church, Church’s Chicken has become a loved establishment with locations in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Luckily for us, this franchise first expanded its door to its friendly neighbor’s up north back in 1970! A few decades later, Downtown Toronto saw its first opening in 2017. Now just off Kennedy Road as of June 2018, we’re excited for what Church’s Chicken brings to the table to such a vibrant and multi-cultural community.

There is no doubt that Church’s Chicken takes pride in their specialty, however, there’s more than meets the eye at this fried chicken joint and we’re here to break it down for you.


During our visit we were met with friendly staff and management, which can honestly be hard to find in the fast-paced environment of many quick service restaurants. Church’s Chicken is clean, spacious, and has a modern appeal to it with Church’s branding and signature red star featured throughout. Arriving just before lunch hour, our order was quickly fulfilled, as we excitedly waited for our meals to be prepared. For this taste test we ordered: BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Mexicana Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Wrap, Jalapeno Bombers, Onion Rings, Coleslaw, and the famous Honey Butter Biscuits.


Biscuits can be hit or miss, but Church’s Chicken Honey Butter Biscuits are the cream of the crop. These delicious biscuits are made fresh all day long and are topped off with a sweet honey-butter drizzle right out of the oven. It’s safe to say that if you visit Church’s Chicken, it would be a sin to not get the biscuits. They are fluffy, warm, and it’s no wonder they are a fan favorite to everyone that gets the chance to try them. We promise it’s 100% acceptable to order more for later!

We especially loved the assortment of sandwiches and sides Church’s Chicken offers on their menu, in addition to their fried chicken combos. Both the BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Tex Supreme, and Mexicana Chicken Sandwich are made with a fresh (not frozen) chicken breast that is tender and juicy on the inside, with a coating that’s light and crispy on the outside. The Mexicana Sandwich has a nice spin on the traditional chicken sandwich with the addition of crispy tortilla chips!

These flavorful sandwiches can be made either mild or spicy, and are large enough to satisfy your lunchtime hunger, especially with a side or two.

On to the sides, there is a great selection at Church’s Chicken that goes above and beyond the ordinary. The Jalapeno Bombers are a true burst of flavor and are the perfect bite size companion for a bit of heat and cheesy goodness. In addition to the Honey Butter Biscuits, we also opted for the onion rings and coleslaw. The coleslaw is a bit more on the lighter side from all the fried, crispy foods, so if you’re thinking of an alternative, aim for the coleslaw. It’s tangy, sweet, creamy and crunchy – exactly the way it should be! But that’s not all, Church’s Chicken also offers more traditional fast food fares like French fries, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and poutine!

Last but not least, dessert. For those with a strong sweet tooth, Church’s Chicken Strawberry Shortcake is a must (also available in chocolate and caramel). Their delectable honey butter biscuit gets elevated with a heaping mountain of vanilla soft serve, drizzled with your choice of flavored syrup. It was exactly what we didn’t know we were missing out on. They also offer ice cream cones and apple pies.

If you’re in the area and need a bite for lunch or dinner, this is the place to hit up! Take advantage of their daily deals starting from $2.99 featuring their delicious sandwiches, chicken wings, wraps, chicken tenders, 2-piece chicken, and more. You will not be disappointed!

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