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Canada United – Rallying support for small and local businesses

RBC, the Canadian Chambers of Commerce, Business Associations, Major Media Partners and over 60 partners from across ‘Corporate Canada’ along with leaders across all 3 levels of government have teamed up to start a movement, Canada United, where everyday Canadians and large businesses come together in support of small and local businesses.

The movement starts with a Canada United Small Business Relief Campaign where we ask Canadians to complete ‘micro-actions’ (video views, ‘likes’ and use of hashtags on social media, etc.) in support small and local businesses. Every micro-action will result in a micro-contribution by RBC and other Corporate Canada partners towards small business recovery grant funding, which will be managed by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the national chamber network.

The movement culminates with a nationwide Canada United Shopping Weekend in late August. The event promotes shopping and dining at small and local businesses, while we help those same businesses prepare and promote their participation in the event. The weekend includes unveiling of the total raised for small business recovery grant funding from the Canada United Small Business Relief Campaign.

We are confident in our ability to build mass awareness of this event across social and traditional channels, and believe this could be the first year of a new annual shopping weekend for small and local businesses. In short,Canada United encourages action from everyday Canadians and Corporate Canada and kickstarts the recovery of our local economies and small businesses. We invite you to join the movement and help Canada turn the corner away from this pandemic and towards a recovery.

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