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Al’deewan Bakery

1415 Kennedy Road
(416) 901-8552

For many in the Scarborough region and Kennedy Road community, Al’deewan Bakery is the go-to spot offering authentic Lebanese street-fare. From a wide selection of halal manakeesh, to fatayer pastries, hummus plates, and falafel wraps, this Lebanese bakery is not your average joe. Using a special ‘open flame’ oven to bake their tasty manakeesh, Al’deewan Bakery ensures full flavour is packed in every bite. Along with a super affordable menu with eats starting at $2.50, Al’deewan Bakery is the ideal place to go for take-out, a quick lunch, or afternoon snack without breaking the bank.

Al’deewan Bakery takes pride in specializing in authentic manakeesh – a popular savoury food from the Eastern Mediterranean. For those unfamiliar with manakeesh, you’re in for a treat. This delicious Lebanese food is a cross between a pizza and a flatbread; made with a thin crust and garnished with a variety of toppings. There is a large selection of manekeesh available on their menu such as: cheese, beef, beef and cheese, spinach, spicy mhammara, labneh (creamy yogurt cheese), sujuk (spicy sausage), and several others. There’s even a Nutella and banana option if you’re looking for something sweet!

A classic go-to is the za’atar, an aromatic spice blend of dried oregano, thyme, sumac and toasted sesame seeds – a staple in traditional Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. We opted for the za’tar mix with tomato and onion, along with the ground beef and cheese. The dough is made in-house so everything is super fresh and made to order. On Wednesday’s the classic za’atar manakeesh is offered for a $1 special!

For their plates, Al’deewan Bakery offers baba ganoush, foul (fava beans mixed with lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, chopped parsley and tomatoes), and hummus, served alongside a piece of their warm homemade bread.

The fatayer pastries lined up the against the counter are sold for only $1 (small baked pies typically filled with meat, spinach, or cheese using their in-house dough and topped with sesame seeds).

We were met with great hospitality during our short visit, being able to meet the owner, Mohammed El-Karaouni himself. After he realized that manakeesh offerings in the GTA were slim to none, Mohammed took this to heart and opened up Al’deewan Bakery. Going the extra mile to ensure that the bakery’s offerings are authentic and true to Lebanese roots, customers now have a place to indulge in some of the appetizing cuisine of the Middle East.

As we waited in line, we could see the friendly faces of the staff preparing the mankeesh for their hungry customers in the naturally lit interior. They even have a complimentary tea station which added a nice unexpected touch.

If you’re in the mood for a quick snack or drink, Al’deewan Bakery also carries a small storefront where you can purchase packaged baked and dried goods, imported drinks (such as Bonjus and Barbican), and coffee.

This was our first time visiting Al’deewan Bakery and we were incredibly impressed with the service and quality of food. Located right at Kennedy Road and the 401, we highly recommend making the visit to this authentic open flame bakery and giving their manakeesh a try!

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